Grant's stand fast

Grant's 1912 fast stand

Grant’s Recreates 1912 Fast Stand Whisky

The deliciously complex and smooth taste of Grant’s Blended Scotch Whisky is down to the way it’s made from a method passed down from generation to generation, over 100 years.

KWV 10

KWV Brandy 10

KWV 10 Year Old receives award

The renowned KWV 10 Year Old brandy has been awarded best brandy in the world by the International Spirits Challenge.

Mainstay on the Beach

Mainstay on the Beach

Try the New ‘Mainstay on the Beach’

The new Mainstay variant, commonly known as ‘Sex on the Beach’, is made from Mainstay Premium Original and combined with real orange, peach and cranberry pulp, making a refreshing ready mixed cocktail.

Sakhumzi Chef Life Ndlovu

Sakhumzi Restaurant

Sakhumzi – Enjoy the Taste of Township Flavour

The Sakhumzi Bar and Restaurant in Orlando West, that’s where Gautengers and tourists from across the world enjoy the taste of the real township flavour and experience the true spirit of ubuntu.

Ciao full range

Ciao cocktail

Ciao Launches One Litre Pack

Ciao brings further innovation with its new convenient one litre pack, designed to resemble a cocktail shaker, and it’s easier to carry.

Colathemba Red Wine #29D655.jpg


Colathemba - Red Wine and Cola

Stellen Fine Wines is giving South Africans a refresher they would love to enjoy; a sparkling red wine with cola, named Colathemba.

SAB Trade Brewer Anton Erasmus says beer derives its goodness from natural ingredients and that include water, barely, hops, maize and yeast..JPG

SAB World of Brewing

SAB at the Forefront of the World of Brewing

The South African Breweries (SAB) Trade Brewer Anton Erasmus says the slightest variance in brewing ingredients or method can affect a beer’s taste, aroma or appearance.

Savanna premium cider.

Bigger Savanna

Savanna Dry Launches the 51% Bigger Bottle

A bigger, bolder half litre Savanna Dry, which is 51% bigger than the original bottle, is still offers the same crisp, premium cider. This means more Savanna Dry for you in a single serving.

 Zero Sugar Extreme Hunter’s

Zero Sugar Extreme Hunter’s

Max-Energy and Zero Sugar Extreme Hunter’s Can

Hunter’s Extreme Zero now brings to the market a 275 ml slim line can for added convenience. This slim can allows drinkers ease of use whether it be outdoor events such as picnics or shisa-nyama.

Cast members of theatrical play The Brothers Size Rodrick Covington, Timothy Bond, Sam Encarnación with comedia Deep Fried Man and a friend at Nambitha.

Nambitha Restaurant

Nambitha – An Upmarket Eatery in Soweto

Nambitha Restaurant, the most popular upmarket eatery in the heart of Soweto that serves soul food recipes with a touch of à la carte making it the ideal venue for Sunday luncheons.