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Stokvels before, during and after Covid-19

The pandemic has changed everything but don't let it stop your stokvel

However, many forward-thinking stokvels who were already using StokFella have felt minimum impact. StokFella has always made social distance possible even before the pandemic.


Review Your Stokvel in 2020

Simple steps to a better stokvelling experience

Your group constitution governs your stokvel, so it is important that all members are familiar with it and most importantly that it is up to date.


Banking options for your stokvel

Reap the rewards of being banked

The benefits of banking include regular monthly statements which accurately reflect balances and interest earned.

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How to travel debt-free

Work, travel, save, repeat.

In the same way that parents prioritise saving for their child’s education over an extended period, they can do the same for travel – and the earlier they start, the better.


Good Debt vs Bad Debt

Create more wealth with the Nala Club Account for your stokvel

Bad debt is often associated with impulse purchases.


Stokvel travel goals for 2020

Ideal destinations for first-time group travel

In its best moments, travelling with friends and family means bonding over common interests, insider jokes, laughter and moments that will be recounted at every get-together, forever.


Always read the fine print

Paying attention to the terms and conditions of financial products is crucial for the success of your stokvel

R44-billion is saved by 820 000 stokvels in South Africa each year, and more than 11-million South Africans are currently members of stokvels.


Travel FAQs

The top 7 questions first-time travellers ask, answered

While many South Africans think they can’t afford to travel, the reality is different.


Win at bulk-buying

Make the planning process easier to ensure you get the best bulk deals - and savings too!

Does the store offer a secure shopping environment with electronic funds transfer facilities which are safer than cash payments?


It’s 'that' season for stokvels: bulk buying or payouts?

Palesa Lengolo, author of Stokvels, has the answers to your frequently asked questions

Two-thirds of grocery stokvels make bulk purchases from various retailers and wholesalers once a year, over the last four months of the year.