Ensure a safe stokvel payout this festive season

Reduce the risk of becoming a victim by following these tips

According to incidents reported to SABRIC between 2015 and January 2018, 52 stokvel robbery incidents were also reported.


Modernising Stokvels is Lucrative

The Ingcebo Women’s Investment Group is using technology to simplify their stokvel.

As black professionals and businesswomen, we realised the value of stokvels to change our economic futures.


Property Stokvel Investment Club

Uplifting black communities and helping members invest in property

This initiative is open to everyone who aspires to have financial freedom and create wealth through property.

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Make your stokvel payout work for you

Paving the way to a more financially secure future

Your stokvel payout is the result of many months of responsible saving on your behalf – use (or save) your hard-earned cash wisely, and pave the way to a more financially secure future.


Get the most out of stokvel bulk-buying

Make the bulk-buying planning process easier with these tips

Spotong gives you tips on how to make the planning process easier to make your shopping trip stress-free, so that you can concentrate on getting the best bulk deals and savings too

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Through thick and thin

Stories of stokvels that have achieved success!

Their stokvel has assisted them in providing groceries to their families and supporting members and their families in the event of death.


Stokvels Are Evolving, So Should Returns

Want to maximise your stokvel group savings? Read on for expert advice.

Stokvels have evolved over the years. Apart from becoming more common, they have also branched out to attract new target audiences.

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The latest news in the stokvel world

Groceries and holidays join the growing stokvel trend

Based on how much has been contributed to the stokvel, members will receive information about an exclusive selection of holidays cherry-picked for them.


So you want to start a property stokvel?

Here are some great reasons why you should

“It’s not the investment club that makes people successful. It’s the people that make the investment club successful.”


Starting a BrownSense bank using the Stokfella App

Stokvel news

The focus of this bank will be to fund small to medium-sized, black-owned enterprises – a unique angle and much-needed driver for economic growth and empowerment in our country.