Township Trade


The Viability of Solar Power for Small Businesses

Let’s look at the pros and cons

To go off the grid or not? We weigh up the pros and cons of solar power for your business

Draft beer by the glass. Honest Czech lager on an old wooden table.

Honest traders

Tavern owners make an important tax contribution to the economy

All around the world, governments use excise taxes on alcohol to raise revenue, regulate consumption and offset the costs associated with alcohol abuse. It’s money well used.


Whisky Live goes to township

Soweto welcomes Whisky Live experience

Owing to the growing number of whisky drinkers in Gauteng, the FNB Whisky Live Festival organisers announced that an exciting new venue will be added to the Gauteng segment of the festival the iconic township,

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Youth market

Where the Students go and What they Drink

Every weekend students go out to party in various night clubs across the city and townships, Nolihle Gulwa speaks to students in Johannesburg about their favourite venues and drinks in town.


The Tech Tavern

Let technology take your establishment to the next level

Technology can simplify the way we do business, as well as making it cheaper and more affordable. We found these fantastic products online to streamline your business.

Rubbish bag with dollars.

From trash to cash

Waste paper recycling is a great opportunity for township entrepreneurs

The recycling industry has become a significant employer delivering great economic and social benefits.

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Stop the carnage

How you can help keep people alive

Responsible trading is ALL our concern. As tavern owners, we all have a duty to behave responsibly, ethically and with the well-being of others in mind.


Serve cocktails

 And boost your profit

Many establishments shy away from serving cocktails because of two misconceptions: that the bar is too busy to make fancy drinks, and that your bartenders aren’t knowledgeable enough to mix them.

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Liquor Advertising

The Future of Liquor Advertising

If a complete ban on liquor advertising is implemented, it is highly likely that there will be a massive shift from ATL advertising and other types of advertising such as digital and social media.

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Township market

Reach out to township consumers

Many Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies have failed to reach the township shopper effectively due to the assumption that the same rules apply in townships as they do with traditional urban shopping.