Bar lingo made easy

Know the difference between shaken and stirred

Bartending comes with its own lingo. It is important to know bar lingo so you can give your patrons exactly what they want. Educate and impress your patrons when they visit your tavern with this vocabulary list, courtesy of Liquor City, of all the words to know when preparing cocktails.

·         Muddled: Crushed fruit, veggies and herbs.

·         Shaken: Made with crushed ice – cooler but higher dilution.

Educate and impress your patrons when they visit your tavern.

·         Stirred: Made with cubed ice – not as cold but less dilution.

·         Float: Adding extra liquor to the top of the cocktail.

·         Virgin: Alcohol-free cocktail.

·         Toddy: A warm cocktail, made with honey and whiskey.

·         Highball: Liquor based cocktail topped with soda water.

·         Up: In a martini glass without ice.

·         Twist: Add a twirled lemon peel.

·         Dirty: Add olive juice.

·         Dry: Very little vermouth.

·         Perfect: Part whiskey, part sweet vermouth, part dry vermouth.

·         Neat: No ice, no mix.

·         Easy Ice: Very little Ice.

·         On the Rocks: The drink with only ice.

·         Double: Two tots of alcohol.

·         Well: Cheapest liquor behind the bar.

·         Splash/Dash: Very small amount.

·         Top Shelf: The most expensive alcohol.

·         Chaser/Back: A drink to wash down a shooter.

·         Nightcap: A drink before bed.

·         Keep It Open: Opening a tab at a bar.

·         Fingers: Unit of measurement.