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Make money with TaxiCAM – and people's lives easier with FLASH

FLASH – Making Life Easier

FLASH is a technology-driven company committed to the purpose of making peoples’ lives easier, by adding value and convenience to traders in the informal retail market.

FLASH has enabled people in townships and rural areas to start their own businesses using FLASH Business devices, while existing shop owners are able to increase their business by offering multiple services to bring more feet into their shops. 

FLASH is a technology-driven company committed to the purpose of making peoples’ lives easier, by adding value and convenience to traders in the informal retail market.

A FLASH Business device connects shop owners and their customers to a digital offering that goes above and beyond physical goods usually sold at spaza shops. FLASH Shops’ product offering includes products like airtime, electricity, and DStv payments, to top-up vouchers for online accounts etc 

FLASH has the largest informal retail network in Africa supported by their dedicated field staff that are active across the country.

Traders like Mzikayfani Seme who went from earning under R2 000 per month as a farm worker to being a home owner in a few short years.

Arto who walked with hundreds of thousands of Rands strapped to his body just to top up at a FLASH Kiosk. He’s now a SuperTrader and has been given a safe to keep his money secure.

Susan Mlambo who is comfortably able to pay rent and school fees for both of her children thanks to FLASH and the support she receives.

Mohamed Fadiel Ahmod who uses his portable FLASH Business device everywhere he goes, so he never stops earning. He thanks FLASH for empowering him and providing convenience to his customers.

FLASH uplifts their traders and creates a safe, secure, and convenient way for people to get what they need without having to travel into town.  

The immediate benefit for Traders is that a FLASH device means more customers through their doors. Customers know what the FLASH Cow means, that they don’t need to go into town to buy data, airtime, or to play the Lotto. They know that if they suddenly run out of electricity that their nearest FLASH Shop is the solution.  

FLASH prides itself on helping to keep money in the community. It allows people from the township to thrive in their communities. FLASH shop owners become beacons of light for their peers, building trust and support in their communities.   

For any more information, please go to our website at:, contact our call centre at: 083 903 5274 (Free on MTN) or 084 193 5274 (Free on Cell C), or visit your nearest FLASH Kiosk nationwide.

TaxiCAM – get paid with the first social media platform for taxi commuters

The JET8 Foundation, in collaboration with TaxiConnect, a joint venture between SA Taxi and TaxiChoice, recently announced the launch of TaxiCAM, the world’s first social media engagement app created for minibus taxi commuters.

TaxiCAM allows users to share branded selfies and videos with their followers across multiple social media platforms. Through JET8’s social currency, users are rewarded for their influence as they engage with local brands. For every in-app like, comment, and share, users earn JETS, which can be used to redeem products online or over the counter across more than 2 500 retail stores in South Africa, including Shoprite and Checkers. Users are additionally rewarded JETS for cross-posting onto external social media networks.

In this way, TaxiCAM turns social media users and minibus taxi commuters into paid micro-influencers through JET8’s innovative social currency.

JET8 South Africa's director of growth and development, Gerjo Hoffman, said: “JET8 apps give everyday users the chance to become highly rewarded micro-influencers, valued for their creativity, individuality and social influence. With TaxiCAM, anyone in South Africa can now earn from their social influence, and we are thrilled to partner with SA Taxi in our shared mission to empower commuters everywhere.”

TaxiCAM is now available to download from the Google Play Store and App Store. For more information, visit

The JET8 peer-to-peer network is used by more than 50 global brands and marketers including Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Nestlé, Spur Steak Ranches, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and McDonald’s.

About TaxiConnect

TaxiConnect is a joint venture between SA Taxi and TaxiChoice. “The business wing of South African National Taxi Council - SANTACO”. This venture was established 2017. SA Taxi is a shared value, opportunity, and collaboration platform focused on enhancing the sustainability of the minibus taxi industry and the entrepreneurs who run taxi operations.