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CBC introduces Raspberry and Peach Krystal Weiss

The Cape Brewing Company (CBC) proudly presents Raspberry and Peach Krystal Weiss, CBC’s newly developed fruity beer mix drinks.

Food enthusiasts and craft beer lovers are familiar with the pairing of food and beer, but many may not be aware of the influence that fruit has in the making of beer. The Raspberry and Peach Krystal Weiss variants both contain 97% of the award-winning Krystal Weiss and 3% natural fruit syrup. 

Available in 340 ml bottles, the carefully selected combination of Krystal Weiss and fruit flavours are refreshing, with a well-balanced flavour experience of sweet and sour, making it a perfect drink for the summer season. The fruity sensations are produced with natural ingredients. With less sugar than regular wine coolers and 97% pure, award-winning Krystal Weiss, it is the ideal refreshing drink for beer lovers and non-beer drinkers – male and female alike.  

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CBC introduces Raspberry and Peach Krystal Weiss The Cape Brewing Company (CBC) proudly presents Raspberry and Peach Krystal Weiss, CBC’s newly developed fruity beer mix

One of the world’s best gins now available in South Africa

Monkey 47 is regarded as one of the world’s best gins, and it’s now available in South Africa. This award-winning, premium, small-batch gin is made with 47 different botanicals and based on natural spring water taken from the Black Forest in Germany. It was voted the world’s number one gin in 2014. This aromatic gin, with a complex flavour profile, is a must-try. It is available at selected bars and for purchase online at Norman Goodfellows for a limited time only.

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Hola amigo! Introducing Sierra tequila

When Merriment&Co chose a tequila brand to market and distribute in South Africa, it was not prepared to settle for anything but the very best.

Sierra tequila is distilled from hijuelos (baby agave plants) that are cut by hand from mature plants, which are grown in large fields in the highlands of Mexico. No artificial fertilisers are used and each plant is carefully tended by the jimadores (fieldworkers), who have a proud tradition of caring for their plants with their hands and their hearts, all the way from planting to harvest. No wonder Sierra tequila is now Europe’s number one tequila brand.

Sierra is also the only orange and cinnamon flavoured tequila in South Africa. Sierra Spiced is a sweet blend of Reposado tequila with orange and cinnamon flavours. Simply irresistible and a completely new tequila experience.

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The Dubliner Irish whiskey

Also brought to South Africa from Merriment&Co, The Dubliner is an Irish whiskey launched in June 2015 as the Spirit of The City – a city steeped in over 1 000 years of history and renowned for its rich culture, distinctive character and vibrant personality. The Dubliner bottles this character, known in Ireland as the craic. The Dubliner Irish whiskey is a blend of single malt and grain whiskies, aged in bourbon casks that are individually selected for blending, giving a warm and smooth whiskey with a lasting finish.

The Dubliner Irish Whiskey and Honeycomb is an expression of The Dubliner Irish whiskey and is a smooth blend of honeycomb, caramel and Irish whiskey. The result is a perfect introduction to Irish whiskey for those looking for a sweet, smooth drink that works equally as well in coffee, a shot on the rocks or in cocktails.

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Herradura tequila is hand harvested, hand crafted, estate bottled

Casa Herradura, one of Mexico’s most historic and renowned tequila producers, has released its finest variant in South Africa: the 100% agave ultra-premium Reposado. With a heritage of over 140 years, the tequila farm also boasts partnering with the first-ever female master tequila distiller in Mexico, Maria Teresa Lara López.

This respected producer has a credible reputation and acceptance as being the first brand to age its tequilas in wood – globally marketed as Reposado tequila. 

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Amstel Introduces a Zesty Variant to the Beer Market

 Amstel Lager is proud to announce the latest extension to its range of beer, with the introduction of a beer made with real lemon juice – better known internationally as a Radler.

 Radler has its origins in 1922, when a Bavarian named Franz Xaver Kugler built a bar at the end of a popular bike trail in Germany. After some 13 000 cyclists rode into town demanding beer, Kugler realised he didn't have nearly enough to satisfy the thirsty German cyclists.

 Panicking, Kugler improvised by mixing half his inventory of beer with thousands of bottles of clear lemon soda from his cellar. The 50/50 beer-lemon concoction was an instant hit, and Radler (meaning “cyclist” in German) was born.

 Unlike Kugler, Amstel – the slow brewed, extra matured beer – is mixed with real lemon juice to create its new tasty and refreshing variant, Amstel Radler, with 3% alcohol by volume.

 This surprisingly refreshing drink combines a 60% ratio of Amstel Lager with a 40% ratio of real lemon to create the perfect summer beverage. This ratio, together with the low alcohol content, makes the new addition to the Amstel family the choice of beverage to have during any chill moment. For more information, visit

 Savanna launches new rum flavoured cider for the chosen ones

 Savanna, the popular South African cider with a refreshingly crisp taste, has introduced a daring new variant, Savanna Blackbeard, to its existing portfolio of premium variants. A first of its kind in South Africa, this delicious premium cider is made with a splash of rum flavour, resulting in a bold new taste for an adventurous drinking experience.

 Blackbeard is infused with the sweet flavours of rum but also surprises the palate with hints of raisin, spices and fermented honey. The golden liquid, with a 5% ABV, leaves a smooth, refreshing finish – a true reflection of a pirate’s adventurous and bold relish. For more information, visit