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Welcome Da Luca Minis

One size doesn’t fit all, so we're pleased to welcome Da Luca Minis to the Prosecco family. Ideal for occasions where you only want one glass of bubbles, the mini Da Luca Prosecco bottles can’t be beaten for convenience and quality with that same crisp, lively fizz that makes the original bottle so drinkable. Perfect for picnics, celebratory excursions or any moments when a 750ml bottle is too tall an order.

Da Luca Prosecco is a classic example of the Glera grape grown in the Prosecco region and an Italian sparkling wine that punches way above its weight. Straw yellow in colour with very fine perlage, the nose features aromas of peach, pear and apricot that open to a lively yet soft, refreshing palate. There is a touch of sweetness and a clean, lingering finish. With wonderful peach and apricot aromas, it has a fresh, zingy palate with just a touch of sweetness and a clean, lingering finish. Ideal with a seafood salad, as an aperitif and for all celebrations! These tiny, pre-packaged 200ml personal poppers are treats made just for us.

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Esprit has launched in South Africa with three intriguing, multi-faceted flavours – Mango with a twist of Chilli, Watermelon and Strawberry with a twist of Lime, and Blueberry and Basil with a twist of Hibiscus

Esprit says own your own flavour

Esprit has launched in South Africa with three intriguing, multi-faceted flavours – Mango with a twist of Chilli, Watermelon and Strawberry with a twist of Lime, and Blueberry and Basil with a twist of Hibiscus. These are exciting and novel flavours that inspire an independent spirit and sassy confidence. The flavours are matched by distinctive packaging, including striking iconography and colours, and a bold campaign statement: “Own your flavour”.

“Esprit is part of the global trend towards interestingly flavoured alcoholic drinks. It embraces the individuality of the modern South African consumer, those who know who they are and exactly what they want,” says Tania Kotze, Esprit brand strategy manager. This launch allows Esprit to offer those who are unique, self-assured and self-affirming a drink that reflects their unique personalities.

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Introducing Firewater Canadian Whisky

Firewater is a Canadian whisky blended with a natural cinnamon flavour. It is a top-five distilled spirits brand in the United States and ranks the #1 brand on-premises calls.

What makes Firewater special?

  • Firewater is not your typical spirits product that fits neatly into a category. It is one of its kind.
  • Firewater is an iconic brand throughout the US and in countries around the world. Firewater's rise to flame has been a grassroots movement, market by market, bartender by bartender, consumer by consumer. There is a unique attachment between Firewater and its fans. It's personal.

Best served alone as a shot and available in 750ml or 12 x 750ml cases at all Spar Tops and Liquor City outlets. 

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Fitch & Leedes goes big

Fitch & Leedes, the superb range of authentic mixers preferred by premium distillers, has launched a new 750ml glass collection perfect for stylish drinks on the patio with friends.

With the convenient 750ml bottle, bigger is most definitely better. Because the larger glass bottles take up less room in your fridge than the conventional cans, you can have a selection of your favourite mixers at the ready when cocktail hour strikes. The 750ml collection is available in all the popular Fitch & Leedes flavours: Indian Tonic, Pink Tonic, Club Soda, Bitter Lemon, Lemonade and new Cheeky Cranberry. Enjoy these mixers on their own, with your favourite gin, vodka, rum or whisky or make a beautifully garnished virgin cocktail with fruit juice. The Fitch & Leedes 750ml collection is available at all leading retailers countrywide.

Priding itself as the understudy to the master distiller, Fitch & Leedes understands the time and effort put into distilling a premium spirit. These mixers are made for the utmost purity in terms of quality and taste.

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Robertson Winery launches a sparkling brut rosé

Adding a sophisticated pink twist to its popular range of sparkling wines, Robertson Winery has produced a Sparkling Brut Rosé.

Delightfully pink and dry with a vivacious sparkle, elegantly refreshing, charmingly drinkable and vibrantly packaged, the Robertson Winery Sparkling Brut Rosé is a perfect addition to the winery’s range of popular sparkling wines. With a gorgeous strawberry blush, enticing floral and candied fruit aromas that captivate the senses, juicy wild strawberry flavours that linger with each sip, a fine lively mousse and a generous aftertaste, this enchanting Brut Rosé leaves your tastebuds calling for more. It is refreshingly fun, decidedly fruity and very easy to love!

Make the Robertson Winery Sparkling Brut Rosé your favourite go-to drink. Enjoy it anywhere, anytime ... with friends, family or your loved one. After all, nothing says romance like a glass of chilled pink bubbles. Perfect for summer sipping and celebrations, serve well chilled to keep the bubbles and flavours at their peak.

The Robertson Winery Sparkling Brut Rosé is widely available nationally at leading grocers and liquor retailers.

The introduction of Robertson Winery’s enchanting new Sparkling Brut Rosé adds a sixth member to the winery’s range of popular sparkling wines, all stylishly presented in new colourful packaging, delicious and easy to drink, and offering great value for money. Other sparklers in the range are:

  • Robertson Winery Sparkling Brut
  • Robertson Winery Sparkling Sweet
  • Robertson Winery Sparkling Sweet Rosé 
  • Robertson Winery Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Sweet White
  • Robertson Winery Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Sweet Pink

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