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Grolsch unveils bold global redesign 

Established in 1615, Grolsch has over four centuries of rich stories and an uncompromising commitment to brewing beers of true substance. To remind consumers of its heritage, the Netherlands-based brewer will showcase the brand stories and symbols it was built on, through a striking new re-design and branding.

The Grolsch logotype has been carefully redrawn to capture the character and craftsmanship of the brand’s original hand-painted signs, returned to its heritage red and placed within a clean white disc – a combination that is already familiar from the ceramic stopper which has always crowned the swing-top bottle.

Consumers can look forward to seeing Grolsch's new pack in the iconic 450ml swing-top, the 500ml can and 330ml bottle in all leading liquor stores, restaurants and bars across the country from this month.

The swing-top and disc are supported by authentic symbols of Grolsch’s substance from the brand archives. The Grolsch Brewery heritage mark celebrates the distinctive two-hop recipe pioneered by Peter Kuijper, whose signature also graces each pack. One of the brand’s earliest advertising lines, "Vakmanschap is Meesterschap" (meaning "craftsmanship is mastery") returns to the pack alongside the 1615 date, which serves as a reminder that Grolsch’s brewing history is twice as long as most other beers.
Consumers can look forward to seeing Grolsch's new pack in the iconic 450ml swing-top, the 500ml can and 330ml bottle in all leading liquor stores, restaurants and bars across the country from this month. To experience it first-hand, the new pack will be activated in selected premium outlets within the country throughout the year, kickstarting the initial one in Tembisa's very own Hang Awt, owned by one of South Africa's brightest talents, Shimza. 

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Musgrave Crafted Spirits launches premium potstill brandy range

The Copper range is more aligned to the Cognac drinker than to a traditional brandy drinker, using the finest potstill brandy with the added excitement of flavour infusion. It attracts a consumer who exists beyond the preconceptions of their gender, age or race; they seek out the new. For more information visit:

Savanna Premium Cider challenges the category with its new juniper-flavoured cider, Savanna Jean

Savanna has launched the first juniper-flavoured cider in the South African market, challenging category norms and innovating in line with evolving consumer needs and category trends. Savanna Jean offers a crisp apple taste with a hint of juniper berries and is bound to be a favourite among Savanna fans and new converts across the country.

Nowadays drinking craft spirits and cocktails is all about pageantry, pomp and circumstance. Savanna’s witty, playful and light-hearted take on this gentrified world shows the lovers of other juniper-infused drinks that you don’t need to drink Savanna Jean from a goblet filled with free-range blueberries at a pretentious artisan market in order to enjoy it. “People like to feel fancy and they like to drink fancy. But fancy doesn’t have to be complicated. All Savanna Jean needs is a slice of lemon in the neck for the perfect serve,” says Eugene Lenford, the marketing manager for Savanna at Distell.   

The Savanna Jean name was consumer-generated in a number of research groups that the brand held before launching this new variant. Lenford notes, “Savanna Jean was the clear favourite for the name of our new juniper-flavoured cider in all of the research groups. I guess the name itself lands the unpretentiousness and the uncomplicated nature of the product. Here we say Jean. We are really excited for South Africans to try our new Savanna Jean, the country’s first crisp, juniper-flavoured cider.”

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What to drink when you’re not drinking - Seedlip

The world’s first distilled non-alcoholic beverage lands in SA. Seedlip is the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit, solving the dilemma of "what to drink when you’re not drinking". The world is at the beginning of a paradigm shift in how it drinks. Global alcohol and sugary soft drink volumes are continuing to decline. A younger audience is shunning alcohol altogether. Seedlip is uniquely positioned to capitalise on this opportunity by increasing the repertoire available to those not drinking.

Encapsulating the spirit of mindful drinking, Seedlip is pioneering a new generation of no-alcohol spirits using manufacturing processes, ingredients, formats, occasions and rituals common to their alcoholic counterparts, to produce a sophisticated alternative non-alcoholic drink. Better yet, it boasts zero calories and it's sugar-free, sweetener-free and artificial flavour-free, making a Seedlip and tonic the credible adult drink for those not drinking. At the same time, the trend of drinking less-but-better is also fuelling a shift towards higher-end products such as Seedlip.

Available in two expressions, Seedlip Garden 108 captures the essence of the English countryside with sophisticated top notes of the handpicked peas and hay from the founder’s family farm with a complex herbal base character of spearmint, rosemary and thyme. Seedlip Spice 94 is aromatic with strong spice (allspice, berries and cardamom) and citrus (lemon and grapefruit peel) top notes and a long bitter from the highest quality barks (oak and cascarilla). Both spirits are best served with tonic or as the base for martini or sour style non-alcoholic cocktails.

Says Rowan Leibbrandt, founding owner of Truman & Orange, the South African drinks company importing Seedlip, “The global wellness trend has spurred a move away from artificial flavours to lighter, more natural ingredients. South Africa is no different and we’re aiming to offer our consumers greater choice when they are not drinking. We believe that South Africans are ready for Seedlip: it’s been embraced by the world’s food and drink pioneers, so why not here in SA?”

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The world's best British London Dry Gin arrives in South Africa

Thomas Dakin Small-Batch Gin, a classic style juniper-focused gin, known for its proud heritage and impressive craftmanship, is finally available in Mzansi. Thomas Dakin Small-Batch Gin is not a replicate of the original recipe but rather a tribute to the forefather of modern gin. It is a combination of the exotic spices exchanged along the Manchester-Warrington-Liverpool trade route in the 18th century and an assortment of contemporary homegrown British ingredients. It is Master Distiller Joanne Moore’s homage to the past while remaining true to Dakin’s spirit of innovation.

Thomas Dakin Small-Batch Gin is still and made in a small-scale copper pot. It contains 11 botanicals including juniper, coriander (which we source from a local farmer in southern England) seed, cubebs, Angelica root, liquorice, sweet orange peel, grapefruit peel, and red cole (the 18th-century word for horseradish). It is the unusual addition of red cole that gives Thomas Dakin Small-Batch Gin its distinctive, award-winning, savoury character. 

The gin is bottled in bespoke square bottles to represent the masculine, straight-talking nature of Thomas Dakin and to elevate the botanicals used in this top-quality recipe.

Thomas Dakin Small-Batch Gin boasts a distinct flavour profile as individual personalities emerge at different stages of the sipping journey. It tastes unique but also remains respectful to the fact that it is first and foremost juniper-focused gin.

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Convenience and taste from Greenall’s and Opihr Ready to Drink Gin & Tonic serves

Greenall’s Wild Berry Gin & Tonic and Greenall’s Original Gin & Tonic come pre-mixed, so you can enjoy wherever the party’s happening without any fuss. The bold packaging offers a colourful nod to the two flavours, with the pearlescent bright pink (Wild Berry Gin & Tonic) and bright green (Original Gin & Tonic) cans ensuring high impact on shelf and strong appeal among the target millennial audience.

The Opihr G&T serves are the perfect choice for outdoor fun thanks to their great taste and handy twist-off caps. No bottle opener necessary! The range includes three flavours – Opihr Gin & Tonic with a dash of ginger, Opihr Gin & Tonic with a twist of orange, and a simple classic Opihr Gin & Tonic.

So whether at festivals, when having friends over for a braai, or when casually hanging in the park, the Greenall’s and Opihr G&T RTD serves are a convenient and enjoyable way to enjoy award-winning taste of some of the world’s best gins without the hassle of mixing.

Both available at major wholesalers & retailers nationwide.

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