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Combining stylish looks with a practical design

Ice-makers, drip trays, cocktail shakers, glassware, chairs and coolers ... What you choose will depend upon your style and what your customers want. 


Keep your drinks service cool with the Ice Appliance Compact Deluxe Ice Maker. With the inevitable shortage of ice that occurs at every party, this counter-top ice maker will have you covered. The deluxe stainless steel finish adds a touch of finesse to your home bar, kitchen or office. As the smallest ice cube maker in the UK, it can create an impressive 12-15kg of ice in 24 hours; which is 12 cubes every 10 minutes.

Ice-makers, drip trays, cocktail shakers, glassware, chairs and coolers ... What you choose will depend upon your style and what your customers want.   Ice-makers Keep

With a neat ice storage drawer, you have easy access to scoop cubes out or conveniently remove the whole drawer to empty into an ice bucket. Simply fill with up your Ice Appliance Ice Maker with 1.5 litres of cold water and press start. This essential addition to your home runs 10 minute cycles and also includes an integrated alarm function that lets you know when its time to fill up.

Drip trays

Combining stylish looks with a practical design, the Gastro Beech Wood Drip Tray is perfect for any contemporary bar. Helping to keep your bar top free from spills and stains, this bar tray is made from solid beech wood with tapered grooves and is finished with non-slip feet.

  • Material: Beech wood
  • Treated with Danish oil
  • Tapered grooves
  • Non-slip feet
  • Contemporary gastro pub look
  • Ideal for protecting your bar top

Cocktail shakers

A sleek and stylish accessory to your home bar collection, this Stainless Steel Watchband Cocktail Shaker from f is perfect for fitting with either classic or contemporary bar settings. Finished with a watchband design around the tin and on the lid, this shaker also features a built-in strainer to make serving cocktails easy. This 36oz Cocktail Shaker can hold an impressive 4 Martinis per serving.

  • 3 piece cobbler cocktail shaker
  • Built-in strainer
  • Watchband style design
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Polished finish
  • Handcrafted design
  • Great for mixing cocktails at home
  • Up to 4 Martini servings per shaker


Beer Glasses: The most basic choice here is the classic pint glass—simple and efficient.  Other classically simple alternatives are pilsner glasses or beer mugs (especially popular for German themed beer houses).

Wine Glasses: Not all establishments serve wine, of course, but if you do, and it is more than an afterthought at your establishment, it is probably a good idea to have one type of glass for whites and one for reds (typically whites are in a longer slimmer glass and reds are in rounder bowled, thinner stemmed glass). 

Shot Glasses: Tiny, sturdy shot glasses with thick bases are great for dive bars where they are used for hard spirits.  However, bartenders also love shot glasses because they are the perfect measuring devices for mixed drinks. 

Rocks Glasses: Glasses for mixed drinks served with ice.  Shows like Madmen and the general cycle of things have made martinis especially popular lately.  But you don’t necessarily need to stock martini glasses.  Rocks glasses are a good substitute for martini glasses and smaller mixed drinks.

Highball Glasses: For larger mixed drinks or your nightclub’s specialty cocktail, you might go with a highball glass or the even classier Collins glass. 

Bar Amigos Champagne Pressure Stopper

The Bar Amigos champagne pressure stopper patented pump system preserves the taste and flavour of your favourite bottle of sparkling wine. Get any party going with a blast with this retro 50-calibre bullet bottle opener! This is barware that is fun and will impress your guests, customers and friends. A first, it looks like a classic piece of military memorabilia, but turn it over and see just how clever it is!

This novelty bottle opener would make an ideal gift for any beer lovers, but also for gun enthusiasts, military personnel, veterans, hunters, bartenders, and generally awesome individuals. Makes an interesting addition to the home bar or to your kitchen utensils.

Bar Coolers

Walk-in coolers: Walk-in coolers are room-sized coolers used for storage. These large coolers are typical for restaurant bars and are ideal places to store kegs, food and all the extra perishables that you have in back-up. These rooms are also a great benefit because they allow you the peace of mind to have enough extras that you don’t have to fear running out. They have their drawbacks however, in that they increase the chances that things will go to waste, they add extra maintenance, and they also drive up your energy bills.

Commercial refrigerator: This is basically the same kind of refrigerators most people have in their homes but made to withstand the extra wear and tear of restaurant and bar use. If you don’t have a walk-in, you should probably have one of these in the back somewhere to keep your stock of perishables.

Beer cooler: A beer cooler, or a beer fridge, is a low lying refrigerator with a sliding top that is usually used to house beers. They look somewhat similar to the kinds of refrigerators used at an ice cream parlor.

Reach-in beverage cooler: A reach-in beverage cooler is a half sized refrigerator, usually slightly lower than the typical counter height (about 28’ perhaps), that can be placed either beneath the bar or on top of it. (These are called “low boys” and “high boys” respectively in the bar world.)


A beer dispensing device and individualised refrigerator for the beer keg, the classic beer dispenser set-up is to either house the kegs in a cellar or in a walk-in cooler. These set-ups have the advantage of keeping the kegs both out of sight and out of bartenders’ ways. Often the cooler in a pub set-up will be located right behind the back wall opposite the bar counter so that the kegs are literally only inches away from their taps–though they need not be. You could just as easily have the tapped kegs in the cellar beneath the bar with the tap line running all the way up to the bar (or bars). The only limitation is due to pressure. The pressure must be enough to reach the tap.

Bar chairs

Contemporary Pu Bar chair

Stylish and comfortable bucket style bar chair.
Features gas lift height adjustment.
Strong chrome plated base and support.
Quality PU leather upholstery.
Available in Black and Red

Bentwood Tub bar chair

Stylish and comfortable bent wood bar chair.
Upholstered in top quality black PU leatherette.
Sturdy bent wood structure.
Height adjustable with gas lift function.
Quality chrome plated steel support and base.

Waterfall Pu bar chair

Contemporary design.
Features gas lift height adjustment.
Strong chrome plated base and support.
Quality PU leather upholstery.