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Wayne Safety has been Africa’s gumboot specialist for over 80 years. Since 1940, no other manufacturer has supplied more industrial and safety gumboots into the African market.

Wayne Safety started manufacturing gumboots an incredible 80 years ago, with Wayne Rubber producing rubber gumboots in KZN. This began a long tradition of manufacturing superior quality gumboots and serving workers right at the heart of industry. Today, Wayne is one of the foremost PVC and PU gumboot manufacturers in Africa.

Since 1940, we have focused on what we do best – gumboots, and gumboots alone – allowing us to emerge as specialists in our field and pioneers in both innovation and quality.

We were the first gumboot manufacturer in Africa to install our own PVC compounding plant, which allowed for greater quality control and a quicker manufacturing process. In 2014, Wayne became the first (and proudly remains the only) PU gumboot manufacturer in Africa. This investment reflects our commitment to driving growth in employment and economic contribution in South Africa and into Africa.

Our gumboots are compliant with all safety standards and regulations, and are manufactured in an ISO 9001 accredited factory to ensure unrivalled quality. This has allowed us to compete with international brands and broaden our global footprint to over 40 countries worldwide.

Our gumboots are proudly manufactured in South Africa, and are available in a variety of colours, cuts and lengths to suit the needs of the industry.

At Wayne, we are committed to more than superior quality products and unrivalled customer service.

South African landfills are running out of space. According to the Department of Environmental Affairs, South Africans generated over 108 million tonnes of waste in 2011. Despite the fact that most of this waste can be recycled, only 10% of this actually gets reused.

With this in mind, we have decided to make a difference where we can. Wayne is passionate about environmental sustainability, and over the years, we have worked on reducing our carbon footprint in line with our objective of sustainability. We developed the Green Footprint, a general applications range of eco-friendly gumboots made from recycled materials, and today we produce 35% of all our gumboots from recycled materials.

Our Duralight 1 is well-recognised in agricultural sectors and incorporates a mix of virgin and recycled PVC that results in a superior, yet cost-effective, recycled gumboot upon which our customers can trust and rely.

The recycling process is simple. We collect old gumboots and other relevant recyclable materials, which are cleaned and reprocessed to manufacture eco-friendly gumboots. The result is a decreased amount of plastic waste going to landfills each week, saving the environment and supporting a world free from unnecessary waste!

Our gumboots are proudly manufactured in South Africa, and are available in a variety of colours, cuts and lengths to suit the needs of the industry, from mining and agricultural to food processing and hygiene.

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