Enjoy your beer safely and responsibly during lockdown

Follow these 7 important tips

South Africa has been on lockdown for many weeks now, with the sale of alcohol banned during most of this time. While the government has once again lifted the alcohol ban, we need to ensure that we continue to combat the spread of the pandemic and responsible trade and consumption are key elements in this plan. 

Below are seven important tips to follow to trade, buy and drink responsibly.

1.       Buy only what you need

Plan your trips to the stores well in advance, and don’t over-buy. It is absolutely critical that shoppers buy responsibly, calmly and in moderation.

Plan your trips to the stores well in advance, and don’t over-buy. It is absolutely critical that shoppers buy responsibly, calmly and in moderation.

2.       Avoid crowds

Where possible, please purchase beer on available online platforms to ensure that you remain safe at home while your beer gets delivered to you. As the saying goes, “There’s an app for that.” Online platforms ensure that you avoid waiting in long queues and assist with curbing the spread of the Covid-19 virus through contactless shopping.

3.       Drink in moderation

Although beer is a drink of moderation with a lower ABV, it should always be consumed in moderation. Consumers must drink responsibly and within reason, in the safety of their homes. Keeping a clear head will mean that we all stay safe and act smartly, and won’t put ourselves or those around us at risk.

4.       Line your stomach – enjoy a meal before a beer

Drinking on an empty stomach is a universally bad idea. To moderate your blood alcohol level, have a meal with your alcoholic drinks or eat foods high in protein like meat and cheese before drinking. You’ll enjoy your beer more with a little food in your stomach!

5.       Pace yourself – alternate beers with non-alcoholic drinks or water

‘Pacing’ refers to alternating between alcohol and non-alcohol drinks, to ensure you have a lower intake of alcohol over longer periods.

By drinking non-alcoholic drinks, such as water and cold drinks, between drinks, you will not only reduce the effects of alcohol but will be able to enjoy your favourite beer for a longer period. Try some non-alcoholic beers such as Castle Free or Becks Blue while you are pacing yourself.

6.       Consume at home

Licensed liquor outlets are allowed to sell alcohol during certain times of the week, provided Covid-19 safety protocol is strictly adhered to and that alcohol is not consumed on-site (at the store). A special dispensation has been granted to taverns to operate strictly as off-consumption outlets. So please do purchase your long-awaited beer – but drink it at home.

7.       Don’t share drinks and sanitise!

Sharing is caring but not during a pandemic! Please do not share glasses, bottles or cans between yourself and others – this is one of the easiest ways the disease can spread. Remember to wash your hands regularly (for at least 20 seconds) and sanitise the outside of your bottle or cans before drinking from it.

“We all need to do our part and be #ResponsibleTogether, this means that retailers and traders need to abide by the law, and sell alcohol to persons over the age of 18, implement the Covid-19 safety protocols – such as ensuring that shoppers have masks on and practise social distancing,” says Zoleka Lisa, vice-president of corporate affairs at South African Breweries.

“Customers have an equally important role to play, so please make sure that you drink in the safety of your own home and not on the streets or at a friend’s house. Remember that it is not safe to socialise just yet, and in doing so, you’d be putting yourself and others at risk. Together we can support government efforts to flattening the curve by adhering to the Covid-19 rules and regulations,” concluded Lisa.