Farewell to a legend

The passing of Mr Majola is deeply felt by all

  • by Linda Madida
  • Feb 25, 2015
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It is with sadness that we have come to lose such a great leader as Mr Majola, an extraordinary man who lived under the sun and in our time. What a catastrophe this is for the Gauteng Liquor Forum and Gauleba. He had an undying passion for business, specifically in the liquor industry: many became traders through his efforts. Many found refuge in his efforts, too, and in him: when the government kept failing us in the liquor trading industry, he raised the highest economic standard in and outside Tembisa and for that we highly commend him and his expertise in the field.

As a legend, he left a legacy for many. He understood that in order to be prolific one had to be proficient. His organizational skills remain unparalleled and phenomenal; his shoes will be too big to fill. On behalf of Gauteng Liquor Forum, we hereby wish to extend our esteemed salutations to the contribution he made in the liquor industry.

He had six following goals that he wished to achieve for our liquor traders:

  1. Through his contribution he proposed changes in the 2013 liquor bill including shebeens licensing but to date the government has not responded.
  2. He understood that in order to be prolific one had to be proficient. His organizational skills remain unparalleled and phenomenal; his shoes will be too big to fill.
  3. He wanted to progress on all applications that were submitted through the liquor board but to date there are still no answers. The government had said that it will be a three-month process but we are now way over three months.
  4. The conversion of shebeen permits to shebeen licenses has come to a stand still since the passing of the late MEC Nkosiphendule; even the Yeoville case is still pending a response.
  5. New entries into mainstream town planning are not functional especially Ekurhuleni: they're so incompetent that they cancel the meetings when we arrive at their premises.
  6. The former Bophutatswana citizens were all promised the free concerned letter use but nothing they are now going for fraudulent permits.
  7. It is very sad that all the liquor giants never saw what they have ripped off: I am talking about people like Saint Mahlala, Sam Buthelezi and others who never even saw what the shebeen license looks like.

In all the above goals not achieved, the Gauteng Liquor Forum members will assume that the forum is not delivering when in fact it is our government that continues to fail us.

We vow to soldier on!

We extend our deepest condolences to Mr Majola's loved ones and may his soul rest in eternal peace.

We at Spotong also wish to take this opportunity to wish Mr Majola's family and friends our sincere condolences. Never can the role played by the tavern trade in the historical and ongoing struggle for social and economic freedom be forgotten. True leadership arises from within our midst, and leaders like Mr Majola are exactly what South Africa needs to confront its challenges in ways that make sense to the community. Who understands the problems of the people better than those who have had to confront the same problems and achieved success? Such leaders, who are the people's unofficial representatives, ought to be consulted broadly by all those who share the goal of leading our country forward into the prosperous future that it undoubtedly deserves.