Festive season gifting

Some of South Africa’s finest potstill brandies

  • by Spotong
  • Nov 11, 2015
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Richelieu 10YO  750 ml with 2 Glasses - R219.95

Add a local flair to your gift-giving this festive season by handing out some of South Africa’s internationally acclaimed potstill brandies. Our many hours of sunshine translate into grapes which are full of flavour, and these are used to make the base wines which are distilled to become brandy. Comprehensive legislation and proud traditions passed down by brandy distillers over the decades ensure that all our brandy – from blended to vintage and potstill - is of the highest quality. 

Klipdrift Gold with two limited edition Klipdrift Glasses (R239.95)

Our Master Distiller spent two years experimenting with blending potstilled brandies aged between three and 21 years before he struck gold. Youth meets maturity in this multifaceted brandy that has earned Klipdrift international acclaim. Klipdrift Gold’s complex flavours, aromas and layers are best experienced when served neat.

Klipdrift Black Gold with two limited edition Klipdrift Glasses (R249.99)

Launched in 2013, Klipdrift Black Gold is a blend of superior potstilled brandies infused with extracts of the finest Arabica coffee from the Ethiopian Highlands and cocoa from Côte d'Ivoire.

Our many hours of sunshine translate into grapes which are full of flavour, and these are used to make the base wines which are distilled to become brandy.

Oude Meester Souverein with a decanter (R999)

Launched in 2009, 337 years after brandy was first made in South Africa, Oude Meester Souverein is rich in texture with a distinctively layered flavour and a pure finish of the smoothest velvet.

Oude Meester Reserve 12 year Old with an ice bucket and tongs (R449.99)

A result of the masterful skill of some of the finest brandy makers in the world, the Oude Meester Reserve is double distilled in copper potstills and aged for 12 years in French oak barrels. This distinctive premium brandy offers exceptional purity and smoothness.

Oude Meester Demant with two brandy balloons (R229.99)

Demant is a unique blend of the world’s finest brandies, double distilled in Savalle copper potstills for an exceptional colour and signature flavour.  One sip of Demant releases apricot and pineapple on the palette accompanied by subtle hints of tobacco, chocolate and subtle oak.

Richelieu 10 year old with two Richelieu Glasses (R219.99)

Richelieu 10 is a vintage brandy in the fine French tradition, bred from the heart of selected grapes to a smooth, rich, rewarding, full-bodied bouquet. Its vintage maturity flows from ten years in casks of French oak; its purity from the fine art of French copper pot distillation. True to the character of Richelieu, this 10-year old vintage brandy offers a smooth, rich and rewarding experience.

Tips on tasting brandy:

  • Always taste brandy from a clean brandy snifter or an ISO wine tasting glass.
  • It is perfectly acceptable to add a dash of still water or a block of ice when tasting brandy.  Be sure to use pure, non-chlorinated water.
  • Don’t swirl your glass, like you would when tasting wine, as this releases the alcohol vapours which mask the fruit flavours.
  • Don’t warm the brandy – it should be tasted at room temperature.
  • Start nosing from about 5cm from the top of your glass.  Now move slowly down.
  • Take a small sip and swirl around your mouth. The intensity of the alcohol will diminish after a few seconds and the rich, complex flavours will come to the fore.
  • Always taste and enjoy responsibly.