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  • by Damian Murphy
  • May 3, 2016
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For You The Suzuki Vitara

The Suzuki Vitara

For a lot of people with families and businesses owning an SUV is the ultimate dream! The family SUV provides you with safety in size, comfort in design and space aplenty. But to find one that is affordable and delivers on the demands of modern living, without compromising on luxury or performance is going to be tough. Don’t despair: we think we have the answer for you.

For a lot of people with families and businesses owning an SUV is the ultimate dream!

We first tested the Vitara back in 2011 and it was our introduction to the Suzuki brand. Suzuki, over the past five years, has made huge strides and they have grown significantly in the South African market, which symbolises how good the brand is. So testing the new Vitara meant we had a marker to measure it against.

The 1.6 litre 4WD (All Grip) Vitara we tested was both versatile and easy on the eye. Delivering good looks and solid off-road performance on a budget often means that manufacturers need to make compromises on something to deliver a working product. But the 5-speed manual Vitara has an incredibly smooth gearbox that offers effortless changing in tricky urban driving conditions where taxis and potholes abound. Like most SUVs, the Vitara is not designed to win a drag race, but that doesn’t mean in day-to-day use you will suffer from the lack of power. This SUV is comfortable and competent in and amongst its competitors.

The interior is designed with the whole family in mind. There are not many cars today that do not cater to the very basic needs of the driver and passengers and the Vitara is no different. The cabin is well fitted with everything you would expect with ample space for five family members to sit comfortably with all their luggage or your stokvel team and all their groceries!

The Vitara is capable of taking you and the whole family on your next sho’t left adventure to most parts of our beautiful country, so if you find yourself in the market for an SUV, then considering the Vitara’s R306 900 price tag, can you afford not to choose this Suzuki?

For Business

The Isuzu KB250

The KB250 is neither a single cab nor a double cab. With space for two passengers and ample storage behind the two front seats, the KB250 Extended Cab is the perfect partner for most hands-on businesses. The passenger cabin is spacious and basically fitted, but it serves a purpose and it delivers on it. The interior of the KB250 is not designed to provide a luxury environment for the driver and passenger, but more to provide a practical space that is clutter free and easy to maintain. The basic amenities you would expect in the modern day vehicle are there. The KB250 has Bluetooth, USB and air-conditioning. Besides the space behind the two front seats, there is also plenty of storage pockets allowing easy access to crucial tools, should the need arise.

The KB250 is not a very comfortable ride, with a very stiff suspension and a sluggish diesel engine. But the sluggish engine performs like an F1 car when in the right conditions. The 2.5-litre engine pumps out a whopping 380Nm of torque, giving this bakkie great pulling power and a load capacity of over a ton. The 5-speed manual gearbox is not as smooth as one would expect, but it doesn’t miss a beat and has high ratios for better towing.

Thankfully, the KB250 Extended Cab looks the part. It has a rugged enough exterior to give you the confidence to take it to places you wouldn’t take the family 4x4, but it is also elegant enough to let other road users know that you are a serious business owner.

This market is incredibly competitive and there are a multitude of choices available to the discerning motorist, but the KB250 does not promise one thing and deliver another. It is basic, competent and worth the R337 400 price tag.