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Do you want to make more sales? Or to grow your customer base? NuPay has secure real-time payment solutions to help you grow.

Stand-alone terminal

POS stands for point-of-sale and it is a secure, safe and user-friendly product that allows for the immediate collection of debit and credit card transactions, offering:

Do you want to make more sales? Or to grow your customer base?
  • No installation fees
  • One month free rental 


The fast, simple and secure way to do business on the go. Accept payments anywhere, anytime. Our offer:

  • 20% off your card reader device.

For more information visit or call the national sales office on 011 617 1800.

Shopit mobile app – saving spaza shop owners time and money!

Shopit is a mobile app that enables spaza shops in townships and rural areas to compare prices at wholesalers around them, order all their stock at the best price from their phone and get it delivered to their doorstep in a few hours. It saves spaza shop owners both time and money. They do not need to leave their stores to renew their stock and they can save up to 10% on the cost of their stock and on transportation costs.

With Shopit, spaza shop owners can renew their stock more often as there is no minimum order and no high delivery fees; it enables them to buy just the quantity they need to offer the best range of products to their customers and to avoid running out of stock.

Spaza shop owners can receive all the specials of wholesalers around them directly on their phone by joining the WhatsApp group (071 045 2816) and liking the Facebook page (@ShopitApp). They will also have access to testimonials from successful spaza shop owners, useful business tips as well as exclusive deals that Shopit negotiates with wholesalers exclusively for Shopit users.

Shopit is free for spaza shop owners and they do not have to pay to join the Whatsapp group, Facebook page or to download the app from the Google Play store. You only pay for your stock and for the mutualised delivery service.

Shopit will offer delivery services to your area as soon as 50 spaza shop users join in a specific area! So join the community today to know if you can get your stock at the best price delivered to your doorstep.

Wholesaler and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands use Shopit as an efficient marketing tool to display their catalogues and highlight their product range to spaza shop owners. By partnering with Shopit, they get direct access to traders’ phones and increase the visibility of their products and specials on the app.

Shopit offers them an ecommerce solution that does not require any initial investment and can be set up in just a few hours. It can be used as a virtual sales rep that enables them to receive orders 24/7; it is the perfect complement to a field sales team and more efficient solution than a telesales department.

Shopit also offers specific marketing solutions to wholesalers and brands. For instance, the Shopit Exclusive Deals for wholesalers brings new traders through their doors, and the planogram competition can assist brands to increase the sales of their range of products.

 To get more information on Shopit, join the WhatsApp group (071 04 2816), on Facebook (@ShopitApp) or by email at or download the Shopit App on the Google Play store.