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Turn your tavern into a boombox

  • by Spotong
  • Apr 15, 2015
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Take control of the atmosphere in your venue

CD Radio IPod Jukebox

The new and improved mini IPOD/ CD Jukebox is suitable for gifts and as promotional items for tavern and other events. With standard oak cabinet, FM radio, built in CD player, universal IPod docking station, enabled with remote control, 7 color rotating lighting system, equipped with built in sound, it is very portable, easy to use and internationally certified.

NSM Digital Thunder Jukebox

Tailor your background music and provide professional DJ quality music playlists!

This original NSM Collectable Jukebox holds 100 easily changeable Cds, It is suitable for party hire or pub location, or for your home! The sound - 200rms per channel – is crystal clear, loud enough for a party or can be used as a background tone on shuffle mode.

The Knight Jukebox

50 Player Jukebox, the Knight is a free standing model with built in speakers or can be wall mounted for convenience, available in black, blue and burgundy. It comes with 2 x 400 watt speakers, looks classy and will take pride of place in a tavern, pub or home.

The Hotbox Digital

Very popular for smaller functions, difficult to access area's or awkwardly shaped rooms. Styled in a popular 40's bubbler look, this digital jukebox boasts about 25 000 tracks, sorted by genre for your convenience. The Hotbox has two external high quality speakers and is a big hit with party animals. It brings a different kind of feel to all sorts of events or parties
 and is available in black or brown.

The Entertainer Touch Screen Music System

The Entertainer contains a range of music features that are all simple to use, tailored to your needs, and draw from a catalogue of over 13 000 popular and classic tracks. You can tailor your background music for times of the day or particular occasions with Smart Play, cross-fade music and video tracks with Music Player, take customer track requests on the Jukeboxes, and provide professional DJ quality music play lists with DJ Player. You can even create, amend, and save your own multi-format play lists from the huge range of tracks!
Tailor your music at any time of the day or night and take control of the atmosphere in your venue.

The Yamaha YSP-4100

This is one of the most expensive sound bars you can buy. But for that price, you get the best-sounding, most feature-packed single-box home theater solution available. The Yamaha YSP-4100 sits firmly at the top of the sound-bar market, both in price and performance. Sound bars don't get better than this. The Yamaha YSP-4100 is as large as it is because the sound bar houses an integrated subwoofer and 40 – yes four zero – speakers that are directed by Yamaha's Intellibeam technology to place surround-sound effects more precisely than any other virtual surround-sound system, with excellent audio quality to match. Only the MartinLogan Motion Vision  (Est. $1,500) comes close to delivering the same experience, reviewers say, although Yamaha also comes with all the bells and whistles.