Run Your Business from the Palm of Your Hand

We look at a few of the best smartphones for your business along with the best apps to help it run smoothly.

Nokia Lumia 620

Running a successful business doesn’t have to cost a small fortune anymore.  Thanks to the rise of the smartphone and apps geared toward small business owners, everyone is more connected than ever.  The best part is that you don’t have to invest much more than R2 000 on a phone specifically for your business. 

Three Top Apps for Your Small Business

●     iKhokha

Running a successful business doesn’t have to cost a small fortune anymore. Thanks to the rise of the smartphone and apps geared toward small business owners, everyone is more connected than ever.

This fantastic mobile point of sale system conveniently plugs into your Android smartphone.  The advantage of this tool is that when a customer needs to swipe their debit card or credit card, iKhokha allows you to securely receive their payment. As the customer enters their pin number, iKhokha will prevent any possible problems as the customer’s money is transferred from their account and into your business’s.  What makes this service even better is the added value you get by being able to sell airtime from your phone.  iKhokha can turn your phone into a one-stop income-generating device.

You can get iKhokha for your business by visiting for more information.  There is no minimum turnover requirement to have iKhokha for your business, and the app download for your phone is free. Better still, there are flexible payment plans available to accommodate small and growing businesses like yours!  It is also a 100% proudly South African initiative!

●     Sage One

Sage One allows you to keep track of sales, inventory, purchases and cash movements, all from your smartphone. This app is an added benefit once you purchase the Sage One programme for your business that allows you to log on from wherever you are.

Check your inventory while out buying stock for the weekend, so that you know what not to buy. You can keep track of your cash flow, and what big sellers are bringing in sales.  Sage One is designed to help your business work for you; it’s the recognised leader in accounting software for small businesses.

To sign up, visit Sage One for more information and to choose a package that suits your business.

●     SnapScan

Powered by Standard Bank, SnapScan has become the easiest way to make purchases across South Africa.  This app is not only simple for your customers to use, but it is also free for you to download. Once you’ve downloaded it, simply have your Snapscan QR code readily available for customers to make payments easily and without the risk of carrying cash around. 

Once the payment is successful, you and your customer will be notified via text message.  This makes running a business simple and risk-free for everyone. Sign up to have SnapScan in your business by visiting 

Have your ID number, bank details and business information handy to complete the signup process.  If you are a Standard Bank account holder, your sign up process can be done online, allowing you instant access to receiving payments safely.

Three Top Smartphones for your Business

We have searched for the most effective smartphones on the market for your business.  The best part is that we have managed to find three of the best smartphones for under R2 000!  Having a dedicated phone for your business can save you a lot of hassles when you’re trying to have a spot of downtime at the end of the day. Many small business owners stress about how important it is to have a separate number for their business.  Having a separate phone that you can use only for running your business can be easy and cost effective.  Let’s have a look at the top three smartphones for under R2 000.

●     BlackBerry

South Africans are still big fans of the functional and business geared BlackBerry. These phones are effective for connecting to the internet and running a business from it. The qwerty keyboard makes replying to emails quickly and professionally a breeze while the phone boasts compatibility with most apps on the market.  Best of all, the BlackBerry Curve 8530 comes in at a price beating R1 000. 

●     Nokia Lumia 620

Nokia is a tried and trusted brand for phones in South Africa. If you are looking for a phone with a bit more kick than a regular BlackBerry, then the Lumia is for you. Stepping up in price and coming in at R2 000, this Nokia phone shows that Nokia has worked very hard to get back into the smartphone market with the Lumia range. Running with Windows 8 software, the Lumia seems geared to being paired with your laptop, giving you more freedom to run your business on the move.

●     Sony Xperia E Dual

Last on our list, but definitely not least, is the Sony Xperia E Dual. This hand-held dynamo offers dual-SIM slots, which allows you to multitask this phone with multiple service providers. That means that you can have the best data deal from MTN, while enjoying good airtime rates from Vodacom, all with one phone. As it is  an Android device, you will be able to download the latest apps easily, as long as they are under the 4GB memory capacity that the Sony Xperia has. But, the drop in phone memory is a small price to pay when the price tag on this phone is only R1700.

There you have it! If you need a phone that is functional and economical, you won’t find any that beat the value for money on this list!