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Develop skills to get ahead

  • by Spotong
  • Apr 10, 2017
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Entrepreneur Siya Xuza shows how it's done

As you know well, township traders are always on the go. You work long hours to keep your business going, dealing with customers, managing staff, and responding creatively to challenges.

In fact, you’re so busy that it’s all too easy to neglect your own personal and professional development. “I can’t afford the time” is a common thought. However, if you think of the time spent on short business courses, coaching and mentoring as an investment, you might change your mind. Getting a handle on the best ways to run a business is indeed a valuable investment, as your enterprise will be sustainable and profitable.

There are many short courses available in South Africa. We look at five that cover the general aspects of developing best business practices.

As you know well, township traders are always on the go. You work long hours to keep your business going, dealing with customers, managing staff, and responding creatively to challenges.

Quality leads to profit

Adapt To Change helps business owners realise how to manage quality so as to increase profits.

On this course, you will be introduced to a method to help you keep track of quality-related issues in your business. You will learn how to make cost-cutting improvements that also foster a culture of excellence.

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Improving from within

When it comes to soft skills development, the Office Coach provides training that will help you raise your business game. The idea is to meet with the consultancy and find out where your business has skills gaps. They will then design a programme for your specific needs.

Perhaps your staff could improve their business etiquette; maybe you need to find better ways to deal with conflict resolution in the workplace. You might even want to sharpen up your negotiation skills. Whatever the case may be, a course can be tailored to suit you.

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Think, Be, Do

Start-ups and early phase entrepreneurs should sign up for the Seed Academy’s “Think Be Do”, which looks at three critical aspects of business.

“Think” refers to the mindset you need to succeed and the knowledge you have to acquire in order to achieve success.

“Be” refers to living as an entrepreneur. Self-belief, endurance and self-presentation are some key elements of this approach

“Do” refers to the actions that lead to success. Problem-solving, risk-taking, communication, technological expertise and efficiency are part of the skills set to be developed.

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A firm approach

Leadership is hard to define, but everybody can see when it is lacking: nobody has a clear sense of what to do, things start going on, and pretty soon, the best among the staff begin to leave. People Solutions offers workshops that can help you to cultivate a leadership style that lets everyone know that you are in charge, without being a tyrant.

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Better management

Short courses on entrepreneurial skills, digital marketing and new manager development are available at Regenesy Business School. Particularly recommended is the course on finance for non-financial managers. You will become familiar with accounting systems, learn general management principles, and discover how financial reports and forecasts can be turned to your advantage.

If you already have quite a lot of management experience and are serious about raising your game, you should consider enrolling in the Managers’ Accelerated Progression (MAP+) Programme.  This is a hands-on programme held over 20 days at Henley Business School. Modules deal with improved work and project management, conflict resolution, productivity, performance enhancement, and business strategy from an African and international perspective.

Regenesys Business School also hosts networking events such as entrepreneurship forums and conversations with well-known business leaders. Learning from peers and influencers is a great way to work on your skills and build your business network.

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