Smart Tech Solutions

Make your business run smoothly, make more money and save money with these innovative products for your tavern and spaza shop.

Turn tap water into sparkling water with SodaStream. The ultimate money-saver!

SodaStream enables consumers to transform ordinary tap water into sparkling water and flavoured sparkling water easily and in seconds. By making ordinary water fun and exciting to drink, SodaStream helps consumers to drink more water. The products promote health and wellness, are environmentally friendly, cost effective, customisable and fun to use. To learn more about how SodaStream makes water exciting, visit

Save space and sell more with merchandising solutions from Pyrotec.

Display your merchandise with Do-It hang tabs and display strips for eye-catching displays. While all five senses play a role in the purchasing process, sight remains the most important. Products that are well packaged and visible on store shelves have a better chance of being purchased. A quick and easy way to ensure your products are visible is by using Do-It’s range of hang tabs and display strips. Visit for more information and products.

Protect your business from counterfeit notes and count up to 1 000 notes per minute with these products from CashSmart.

Smart tech that will ensure you run your business smoothly and securely.

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CashSmart UV pen

These pens are perfect for use on the road, as you can spot a counterfeit note simply by drawing a line on the note – if the line goes black, the note is a counterfeit. These pens can be used at till points, are extremely accurate and best of all, they require no electricity.

CashSmart 8 Watt UV and white light

Perfect for countertops, this is a very bright UV light for markings and paper and a bright white light for watermarks. It is made in South Africa, so the parts are easy to obtain and the globes can be changed in a minute.

CashSmart 400 note counter

The CS-400 note counter can process notes at up to 1 000 notes per minute. It has three LED screens, which makes it perfectly suited for counter cash processing, allowing customers to view the cash counting process. The CS-400 has the ability to open the whole top section, allowing you to blow out dust and clean easily. It has UV and MG counterfeit detection, and a smooth and silent mechanism.