Spotlight on your Health

Take care of yourself to take care of business.

  • by Spotong
  • May 3, 2016
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You are what you eat

Without getting too technical about nutrition, the old rules apply. Don’t skip breakfast, pack your own lunch, and steer clear of fast foods.

Even if your mornings are time-pressured, oatmeal is quick to prepare. Plus, it’s high in iron, which not only boosts muscle strength, but also helps to fight fatigue and depression. Packing your own lunch ahead of time will help you to make healthy choices.

You spend so much energy ensuring your business is running at peak performance, but what about your body? Here’s how you can make small changes in your daily life to improve your overall health.

Soups and stews are a great option to save time and money, and if you make a large batch at the start of the week and freeze leftovers in single-serve Tupperware containers, you’ll have a nourishing and convenient lunch on hand every day.

As for dinnertime, avoid the after-work drive-through and prep ahead for seamless week-night meals. Pre-chopped vegetables, stored in the fridge, as well as pre-cooked proteins and grains, means that you can throw healthy meals together in no time, every night.

Burn, baby, burn

No time for the gym? You have options. Your busy schedule probably means that you’re not prioritising fitness, but exercise is an important contributor to your overall health. Plus, it improves the quality of your sleep. The truth is, you don’t need more than 20 minutes of physical activity each day to get your blood pumping.

Getting into an exercise routine can be daunting, so it’s best to start out slowly. First thing in the morning, do a 15-minute workout that includes stretches, lunges and arm curls, and build it up from there. Because much of your work day is probably spent behind a computer screen, set a timer on your phone to remind you to get up regularly and take a walk. Opt for the stairs instead of taking the lift, park a little further away from the entrance to your tavern, and run as many errands as you can on foot.

Reduce stress

Stress can have a negative impact on your health, and yet many people neglect to deal with their stress, and instead turn to unhealthy outlets. There are several quick stress-busters that you can master, such as breathing exercises, sipping organic tea, doing a few quick stretches or taking a walk around the block. Staying hydrated will also help to beat stress. Health professionals recommend 8 glasses or 2 litres of water each day, which will help you to remain energised and keep you focused.

One of the biggest contributors to your stress is the quality of your sleep. To get a better night’s sleep, be mindful of your bedtime routine. Dedicate five minutes before shut-eye to winding down, either through meditation, or simply just enjoying some quiet time. Be sure to unplug your devices and ban screen time at least an hour before bed too – Facebook and Instagram will still be there tomorrow.

From nutrition to fitness and dealing with stress, taking better care of your health will allow you to take better care of your business.

Did you know? It’s important to go for a medical check-up at least once a year in order to catch any ailments early. Regular screening for conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and prostrate and breast cancer are essential.

Clicks Pharmacy Clinics have nurses on hand that will not only offer you valuable health advice, but can also measure your blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol and BMI (body mass index). They can even help you to design healthy meal plans and exercise regimes. 

While some people say they can function on four to six hours of sleep each night, research has shown that adults who get less than seven hours of sleep per night over a prolonged period of time have more difficulty concentrating and more mood problems than people who get between seven and nine hours of sleep each night.