Taste the World at Checkers’ Wines of the World

  • by Spotong
  • Oct 20, 2014
  • 879

Since launching their Wines of the World concept and ongoing campaign three years ago, Checkers’ wine buyers have worked meticulously at expanding the collection with world class examples from international wineries. This year, the tenth country is making its debut in the form of Romania. The Lautarul Pinot Noir from the Dealul Uberland vineyard now forms part of the exclusive collection and is available in stores. It is made from 100 % estate grown grapes and is filled with dark, rich flavours.

This year, Checkers is offering over 50 international wines from 10 of the world’s best wine producing countries. The Wines of the World collection includes wines from Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania and Spain.
It is quite evident that Checkers has reinvented the supermarket wine experience, bringing the top estates to your trolley – and all at affordable prices.

Checkers believes in supporting local wineries and knows that, traditionally, South Africans far prefer local wines. The Wines of the World collection does, however, provides customers with the opportunity to expand their knowledge by tasting and experiencing styles and attributes of wines from different countries. Whether you are looking for a crisp Portuguese Vinho Verde, an exquisite French Bordeaux blend or an enticing Argentinian Malbec you will find them all, and more, at the Checkers Wine Route. The Wines of the World collection is an adventure of taste and global distinction, and truly expresses its place of origin.

Visit www.checkers.co.za/wine, find them on Facebook or call 0800 01 07 09.