Ten Essential Stocks

Stay ahead of the pack and stock up on these South African favourites.

YUM YUM Smooth Peanut Butter

Nothing compares to YUM YUM’s delicious melt-in-your-mouth taste. Enjoy it on bread, bake peanut butter cookies or drop a dollop in your smoothies or porridge for some extra flavour.


Glen Tea

All the sharing and caring in a cup of tea with Glen, a good, quality brand at a good price. There’s no doubt – everybody loves a good cup of Glen tea, especially when it’s shared with friends and family.

Nothing compares to YUM YUM’s delicious melt-in-your-mouth taste.


OMO Automatic Washing Powder

For fast stain removal, you can trust the washing powder that packs a punch! OMO Automatic Washing Powder is formulated to work effectively in your machine with multiple stain removers that penetrate and dissolve the deepest of stains.


Aromat Original Seasoning

The Real Makoya! The one and only Aromat Original has a savoury, well rounded aromatic flavour to add that little something extra. It’s the perfect seasoning for eggs and everything else. The truth is… it goes with everything!


Handy Andy Surface Cleaner

South Africans have trusted Handy Andy to keep their homes beautifully clean, establishing it as a household name in cleaning that’s always top of mind.


Frisco Bold & Strong Coffee Granules

Frisco is made from quality roasted coffee beans and chicory. This special blend gives it a unique taste and an unmistakeable aroma. This delicious instant coffee delivers a delicious smooth and creamy taste.


Jik Lemon Fresh Household Bleach

Jik Household Bleach has a Triple Action Formula which whitens, removes stains and kills germs. The versatility allows Jik to be used for 101 uses from laundry to common household cleaning and chores.


KOO Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce

Extremely versatile and convenient. Delicious on its own, on toast and vetkoek, as a side to breakfast, or as a quality ingredient in scrumptious weekday meals and curries.


Oros Original Orange Squash

Original Orange is the 100% epic flavour that started it all. A South African favourite with both young and old. The Original Oros’ orangey taste is unique and can’t be beaten.


Stork Country Spread.

With a smooth spreading consistency and creamy mouth-watering taste, it's one of South Africa's old favourites and has been making family moments special since 1950. It's the perfect choice for a tasty lunchtime sandwich or to spread over golden-brown, warm toast.