The Delmas joint

Where people love to party

Botleng Sports Bar and Shisanyama

Business owners: Jose Teixeira, Yvonne Teixeira and Tshepo Gololo

How long have you been in the business?

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We have been running Botleng Sports Bar and Shisanyama for about three years now. We opened first as a bar, but have developed the shisanyama section recently to serve food to our patrons and it seems to have been a good move!

How has being a part of Club 10 Liquor added to your business’s success?

Being a part of Club 10 Liquor has been so beneficial to us. As members, we benefit from special offers on stock and are able to buy stock cheaply.

What are your top-selling liquor brands?

Without question, Heineken and Castle Light! They are the top sellers amongst our patrons. 

In what ways are you giving back to your community?

While we willingly take part in any drives and calls for help in the community, our main way of giving back to the community is in job creation and employing staff from within the community. We believe empowering people to provide for their families is a more sustainable way of giving back.

What role has your location played in the success of your business?

(She laughs) I have no idea, but there is always a great vibe so clearly we are in the right spot. We have live DJ’s and the people who frequent our tavern really love to party. It really is the place to be! 

Location: Delmas, Mpumalanga.