The Feminine Mystique

Making Your Tavern Female-Friendly

  • by Zoe Hinis
  • Sep 18, 2015
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A huge concern for women when going out is the issue of safety. It is an unfortunate reality that women live unsafe lives in South Africa, and as such tend to be exceptionally careful about where we go in the evenings.

Consider how safe your tavern might be for women. Is the parking well-lit and close to the door? Is there security inside and outside the premises? If your tavern has dingy, unsafe parking down side streets and out of sight, it is an automatic no-no for female patrons. It is also important that women feel safe once inside. Are there bouncers to control unruly, drunken patrons that might make your female guests feel unsafe?  Are the bathrooms well-lit and close to the bar? Having them down long corridors or outside in dark gardens can make women feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. Remember – a woman who feels safe and secure will relax, stay longer and spend more, so make sure the environment ensures her safety as far as possible.

Of course, women love to unwind, and like a variety of drinks and snacks. Beers alone won’t do, but it won’t cost a fortune to broaden the menu. Consider adding some fruit-flavoured beers, ciders and fruit-based alco-pops, and a few house wines as well. There are wine representatives that will gladly advise you on a range of wines to keep, bearing popularity and price range in mind.

It is difficult for a tavern to be successful if it is unwelcoming for half the adult population. But how to make your tavern more attractive to women?

If you do offer snacks, adding light low-carb options will be a big hit. With a huge variety of low-carb cookbooks now available, have a look for a few easy-to-make options and add them to your snack menu. Of course, where one might choose something low-carb, another might choose something sweet, which means that adding a few sweet options to your snack could add to your revenue stream.

Widening your entertainment options is always a great way to attract new customers. Invite local musicians to play, and have experience evenings, with whiskey, wine or cognac tastings. Many of the alcohol companies have reps that will assist in organising such evenings, as long as they are clearly branded.

Ultimately, women guests aren’t that different from male guests: we just want to unwind and have a good time, with ice-cold drinks, good vibes and happy friends.