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Equipment for your spaza shop, tavern and shebeen

Branded barrel ends

The rustic look of barrels in bars and pubs is timeless. Whether you're going for the old English pub look or a modern-day South African bar style, a decent barrel end most certainly won't look out of place. Made from high quality compressed material finished with a classic wooden look, not only is it a great show piece but it comes branded with your drink of choice. A branded barrel end will let the patrons at your pub know what you enjoy drinking and it will also add a rustic feel to the pub.

Brands include Johnny Walker, Castle, Windhoek, Amstel, Jack Daniels, and many more.

Stock up your spaza shop, tavern and shebeen with these products; branded barrel ends, portable ice makers and loud speakers.

Price: R215

Portable ice maker

An ice maker for any home or small business owner, the portable SnoMaster ZBC-15 can produce 15kg of ice in 24 hours – enough to keep a lot of people cool!

Featuring a stainless steel finish, stainless steel hinge pins and a new lid handle design, the SnoMaster produces 12 cubes of bullet-type ice per cycle. It comes with a full ice sensor, removable ice bucket and three cube-size selections.  

The robust compressor works efficiently in higher ambient conditions, while the sealed PC board reduces moisture content and corrosion. The copper/aluminium evaporator is less corrosive than standard steel evaporators, and the stainless steel pins make the moving parts more durable.

Price: R3400

Whisky whizz-kids

A new app, the Whizzky Whisky Scanner, enables information to be delivered on-the-spot to whisky lovers, whether they are shopping for whisky or chatting to friends about a bottle and wanting to prove a fact.

Currently at 14 000 users, Whizzky is growing at a rate of 50-75 new users per day – more at weekends – and perhaps most exciting is their consistent engagement with the app. They are adding whiskies to their online collections, their wish lists and their favourites, rating whiskies and writing in-depth tasting notes for their own private use or which they make public. They are also using the in-app tasting note tool that guides them through what flavours to look out for. The app aggregates flavour profiles selected by users and the cumulative profiles are available under each whisky, together with the official tasting notes, history of the whisky/ distillery and other information.

Price: Free to download at present

DNA security spray

SelectaDNA Anti-Intruder Spray is the ultimate commercial burglary deterrent to criminals, and an ideal way for retail outlets, warehouses, schools and other premises to protect their valuable stock and assets. It can be linked to intruder alarm systems, or installed as a stand-alone system activated by a panic button. Once triggered, SelectaDNA Anti-Intruder Spray will soak intruders in a solution containing a unique DNA code and UV tracer. Once sprayed, the solution is almost impossible to remove from clothing and skin. It cannot be transferred and is invisible to the naked eye.

Criminals are afraid of DNA and are more likely to run away than risk being sprayed.

Price: Contact supplier directly for a quote

Big beat

Offering enormous power and incredible sonic performance in an easy-to-use, ultra-portable and lightweight package, the Behringer Eurolive B110D is a super-compact, versatile 300-Watt PA sound-reinforcement loudspeaker with a wireless option. It’s ideal for live sound, with portable PA, monitor wedge and house of worship applications. It can connect with multiple loudspeakers and represents the ultimate in energy efficiency, eliminating the need for heavy power supplies and massive heat sinks.

The B110D features a powerful 10" long-excursion low-frequency driver for solid bass, an aluminium-diaphragm compression driver mounted on an ultra-wide dispersion, and a large-format exponential horn for crystal-clear high-frequency reproduction, for excellent performance and amazing sound every time.

Price: R5427