There's an app for that!

Technology can help solve township trade challenges

Innovation is thriving as app developers and disruptive new business models emerge to take advantage of the new ways in which we interact with our world. We found two apps that aim to solve the challenges faced by traders and consumers in townships.

Gauteng on the Move app

Gauteng MEC for roads and transport, Ismail Vadi, has launched a mobile app that will provide commuters with real-time public transit information, timetables and fares for Gauteng's public transport operators.

Innovation is thriving as app developers and disruptive new business models emerge to take advantage of the new ways in which we interact with our world.

The app allows users to plan their journeys with the option to select their desired transport modes, travel times and criteria specific to travel modes such as shortest versus cheapest trip. The Gauteng on the Move app includes information on the Gautrain, Metrobus, A re Yeng, Rea Vaya, Metrorail, Gautrain Bus Services, Johannesburg City Sightseeing Bus, Tshwane Bus Services as well as minibus taxi services. 

Gauteng On The Move is available for download on both Apple and Android devices.

Khomba Africa connects businesses and consumers

Khomba Africa is an online, localised business directory with some features of an e-commerce platform. It is a marketplace for small businesses and consumers. The platform links SMMEs with consumers close to them who need their products and services. This is done through accurate geo-specific search results. With an easy-to-use innovative interface, Khomba provides SMMEs with an affordable and efficient digital presence. A Khomba Africa listing increases the chances of consumers connecting with businesses that might otherwise not know about. This typically includes township, rural and inner-city SMMEs. The platform provides Khomba Africa with valuable data about consumer and SMME interactions. These insights are then used to help decision-makers formulate interventions to help SMMEs build sustainable businesses that help grow the African economy.

A listing on Khomba Africa for as little as R200 per month gives businesses access to thousands of potential consumers and an instant online presence. Features include:

  • A quick and simple browsing experience;

  • Location-specific and relevant search results;
  • Advertising and digital marketing;
  • Comprehensive database of SMMEs and township-based businesses.

Khomba Africa has a strategic partnership with Project Isizwe to lobby and advocate for universal free Wi-Fi, such as TshwiFi in the City of Tshwane. It is crucial for an online platform that its customers are online too. Khomba Africa is listed on the TshwiFi network, which provides businesses from the City of Tshwane listed on the Khomba Africa the opportunity to reach over a million users on the TshwiFi network.

Khomba Africa is committed to the revitalisation of the African economy by unlocking the potential that lies in its emerging markets. The app is available on the Google Play store.

To find out more about Khomba Africa, to list your business or sign up as a user, visit or email

Project Isizwe says internet access is a right

Project Isizwe is an award-winning, non-profit organisation that aims to bring the internet to people across South Africa, by facilitating the roll-out of free Wi-Fi for public spaces in low-income communities, with a core focus on connectedness for the purpose of education. It works closely with the public sector in deploying high-quality, free Wi-Fi networks at the lowest possible cost. Project Isizwe believes that each citizen should be within walking distance of free Wi-Fi.

Having deployed Africa’s largest municipal free Wi-Fi network in Tshwane, Project Isizwe is dedicated to helping other administrations accelerate local free Wi-Fi projects to realise the following  objectives: 

1. Internet access is a human right. Every South African citizen has a right to access a daily quota of free, fast internet.

2. Internet access is key in bridging the digital divide. Achieving the democratic ideals enshrined in the South African constitution and enabling authentic equality between citizens means eradicating the gaps in education, health, employment and economic participation - this is the gap that free Wi-Fi can bridge.

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