Tips to Increase Your Revenue

Consider holding a Spring party!

Regular customers are a tavern’s lifeblood, and tavern owners must ensure there are revenue spinners to increase foot traffic and keep customers coming back.

Buy a big screen TV for match viewings and advertise games to your clientele through social media, in-house advertising and word-of-mouth. Ensure there are salty snacks to serve during matches, which will in turn increase alcohol sales.

Happy Hour is another great sales generator: typically held from 5pm to 7pm, include specially priced drinks and snacks. It will serve as a bridge to dinner so advertise meal specials prominently.

Increase your sales with these revenue spinners!

Have a simple late night menu for patrons looking to party, focusing on meals that can be shared. Consider adding a pool table or Foosball.

Add homely meals to your menu and hold a Mogodu Monday special – include amaqina (trotters), iskop (sheep’s head) and chicken feet with pap or dumplings.

With Spring coming, plan events with live performances, add ciders and light wines to your bar and consider holding a Spring party.