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  • by Spotong
  • Sep 9, 2016
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Cast iron pots

The three-legged cast-iron pot, or “potjie” is an indispensable feature of traditional South African cooking and a must-have for any open-air celebration. Potjies are extremely versatile – you can cook anything you like! They heat up rapidly and brown meat and vegetables very well. The recommended sizes for families and smaller parties are size 2 (6 L), size 3 (7.8 L) and size 4 (9.3 L). Place them over a fire or hot coals in the outdoors or in an open fire place indoors. Some (size 1-3) come with a flat bottom without legs so they can be placed on the hot plate of a stove or on top of a grill. Larger sizes are also available (size 6, 13.5 L and size 8, 18.5 L). Very large 3-legged pots (size 25) are used in traditional ceremonies to feed hundreds of guests with sour maize porridge ('iqondi').

Spit-braai trailer

When you are serious about the food you serve, you are serious about the knives you use.

A spit braai is a great way to cook large quantities of mouth-watering food. It's also a business opportunity: if you buy your own spit-braai trailer, you can not only delight your own patrons but also rent it out to other establishments. Before you know you'll have your own catering business on the side. For an investment of about R9 300 you can buy a spit-braai trailer consisting of a 220V motor, non rust body frame stainless steel, 3 x 3division ceramic gas burners, a high pressure tested gas burner pipe, a removable top lid, and removable legs.

Classic ice bucket

Keep your patrons drinks cool in style with a durable and attractive ice-bucket. The Yuppiechef range of serveware has a classic design, is made to last, and is sure to suit any dining or outdoor entertainment setting. This hammered finish ice bucket has a handy carry handle and a fitted lid, making it perfect for keeping your ice chilled so you are free to relax and enjoy the occasion. The ice bucket retails at R499 from Yuppiechef.

Power generator

The two main types of generator are standby generator and portable generators. Standby generators are big, fixed into position and take over the power supply when Eskom or City Power goes down. They are expensive to install, but they provide seamless power during power cuts. Portable generators are more practical and are basically a petrol or diesel engine with a plug socket on the front. They can be noisy and are not suitable for indoor use. A lower end 750Watt Stramm generator costs around R1 000, while a more powerful Ryobi 2 300Watt petrol generator, which will provide between three and a half and seven hours of power per tankretails for around R3 400. On the high end of the scale, the 161kg Kipor 8 500 Watt petrol monster will cost R26 000. For quieter inverter options, there are the Kipor 900Watt digital generator for around R6 000 and the Ryobi 1 600Watt at about R2 000.

Defy 120L B125 Bar Fridge Model: B4802M

This bar fridge from Defy is an entry level model that takes care of the basic refrigeration needs of a small bar. It comes with a sealed crisper, which will keep vegetables fresher for longer. The fridge features is energy efficient and comes with auto defrost, a new sleek design, reversible door, variable thermostat, adjustable removable shelves, a sealed crisper, icebox, interior light, flush-back design, work surface top cap, and adjustable levelling feet. The frdge retails from R1999.

Nedbank PocketPOS

Cash is king but when patrons want to pay with credit cards, you don't want to turn their money away. Small businesses need a point of sales solution that is reasonably priced, portable and easy to use. The PocketPOS is just that, a portable device that can accept Chip & Pin debit and credit cards in a secure manner. You simply hand the keypad over to the customer and fire up the PocketPOS app on a mobile phone. The customer inserts a credit card and enters the PIN on the pad. The mobile app then sends the encrypted info via the phone’s data connection (3G or WiFi) to the banking system. The transaction is finalised and the receipt can be e-mailed automatically or printed. The device costs R1199 up front or you can rent it for R53 a month.

Wüsthof Knives

When you are serious about the food you serve, you are serious about the knives you use. Wüsthof was founded over 200 years ago in Soligen, Germany, and has become synonymous with form, function and uncompromising quality. Their knives have earned the trust of thousands of foodies and professional chefs across the globe, making Wüsthof one of the world's leading knife brands. Block sets contain all the knives you need and range from the Gourmet six-piece starter knife set, which will set you back R2500, to the Ikon nine-piece knife block set at R13999.

South African flag bar runner

Tell the world you run a proudly South African tavern with this wetstop bar runner. The South African flag is sublimation printed onto a 100% pure polyester bar runner. It's highly absorbent so it will keep the bottom of your patron's glass dry and protect your counter from wet glass stains. The non-slip nitrile rubber backing will stop your bar mat from slipping and prevent the edges from curling. It's also easy to clean with a cold machine wash or damp sponge. So you can keep your counter clean and dry while showing off in style, for only R161. Available from: