Tshidi's place

If you've got the time, we've got the beer...

Tshidi's family has been tremendously encouraging over the years

Tshidi Tshabako acquired her liquor permit in the year 2004, although she started her business in 1998, while running a spaza shop. This interview was historic: we had first leaned on Mme Tshidi's first deep freezer as long as 17 years ago. Spotong likes getting involved in matters of such significance. It was shortly after having joined NTHA in 2001 that her business took the turn that it has enjoyed ever since.

Mme Tshidi Tshabako is a mother and a wife. She mentions how the support of her family has been tremendously encouraging over the years. Her one child still resides with them and is said to be of great help as they still operate on their family yard but hope to change the story in the not too distant future.

"I have achieved greatness ever since my association with NTHA; I've been to Mauritius with the ladies, I've managed to purchase a car and my savings too are much improved," says Tshidi.  "I open shop 10am, Monday to Sunday and close off depending on customer availability, however no later than 2am," she continues.

With three employees in total, including her son who is still home, the establishment offers full-on service and innovation. Mme Tshidi's spouse's commitment to his full time employment is rarely felt. She adds that he does his level best to assist with the running of the business whenever he can.

Tshidi's place is also known to not support or encourage smoking in areas that might be detrimental to non smoking patrons: there are designated areas for this, and this trait has even become a norm. Tshidi's place is a constantly evolving establishment and therefore able to host meeting and social gatherings every now and again. She offers customers snacks too beside their choice of alcoholic beverages. Mme Tshidi's focus and ultimate goal with her business is to offer luxury and entertainment for her patrons.

Location: 818b Zone 1 Vincent road Meadowlands

The community of Zone 1 is reported to be one of minimum crime ratings. Mme Tshidi tells Spotong that she is usually only bothered by feuds of drunkenness: her yard is well secured with hidden cameras for surveillance, and she also self monitors situations while in the comfort of her family sitting room and alerts her employees of anything that might seem dodgy or dissatisfying.

Mme Tshidi is still striving to grow the business further; we shall leave the driving to her.

Location: 818b Zone 1 Vincent road Meadowlands