Turn Up the Heat

Adding a little warmth

Winter has a way of keeping everyone close to fires, heaters and blankets at home rather than heading out for a night at the tavern. Adding a little warmth to your establishment can increase revenue, so it’s a good idea to welcome guests with these winter warmers.

Beat the winter chill by turning up the heat in your establishment with these nifty gadgets and simple solutions which are cost-effective too. You’ll not only keep your patrons both warm and happy but you’ll also increase your revenue, as they will stick around for more drinks and perhaps a meal too.

Megamaster 1200 Stainless Steel Patio Gas Heater

Have you got outdoor seating for your patrons? No problem! Even in the dead of winter, you’ll be able to keep your guests toasty. The Megamaster 1200 stainless steel patio gas heater will create a hub of heat for your patrons to cosy up to. The gas cylinder is easily loaded in the stand-in cabinet and the stainless steel burner distributes the heat evenly up to a radius of 19.6m. With a heat output of 12kW, even the coldest winter nights won’t pose a problem and the grey powder coated finish is both durable and stylish. With no electrical cords or cables, this 15kg heater (excluding gas tank) is easily movable with a set of wheels at the base. It’s also easy to replace the gas cylinder – simply slide the base cover upwards to remove the used cylinder and replace it when it is refilled.


Winter has a way of keeping everyone close to fires, heaters and blankets at home rather than heading out for a night at the tavern.

R1 999 (Product code: MEGA0491)

Metalix Fire Pit

If you’re looking for a cost-effective option for outdoor heating at your establishment, look no further than the Metalix Fire Pit. This sturdy, three-legged fire pit is made of 3mm thick carbon steel with a heat-resistant finish which makes it ideal for bringing much-needed heat to chilly outdoor areas. Add burning coals to the basket and you’ll have an instant heat source to ward off the cold. The basket is 360mm high and stands 200mm off the ground, while the bowl which catches ash is 480mm in diameter and 80mm high. Easily portable, this fire pit is the perfect solution for cold nights.


Price: R619 (Model Number: 438)

Alva Infra-red Radiant Gas Heater

When it comes to being indoors, a gas heater is still probably the most effective interior heater and the Alva Infra-red Radiant Gas Heater is a winner. This three-panel ceramic heater has variable heat settings and is Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Association of Southern Africa approved. It houses both 3kg and 4.5kg Alva gas cylinders and fits all domestic cylinder valves. With a heat output of up to 4.2kW, this gas heater provides bang for your buck as it can heat up an area of up to 50m2. As added benefits, it is energy saving and has an oxygen depletion sensor with a flame protection device. Standing 585mm tall and weighing 7.8kg, the Alva Infra-red Radiant Gas heater also has an off gas control valve to prevent leakages.


Price: R999

After Hours Coral Fleece Throw

There’s much to be said for the cuddle factor of a warm blanket on a cold night. Add a homely feel to your tavern by introducing several of these high-quality fleece throws which are available in a variety of colours. Made of 100% polyester, these throws are guaranteed to cocoon your patrons in warmth and comfort and can easily be washed in luke warm water. Measuring 125cm by 150cm, they are also large enough for two people to share. Keep a pile of these in a basket at the door and offer to your patrons on arrival – add a few packs of playing cards or board games and your patrons will while away endless winter evenings in your tavern.


Price: R109

The Canvas Corporation Gear Operated Roller Blinds

While heating systems for outdoor areas are all well and good, the most effective solution is to enclose a patio or outdoor area with roller blinds to keep the heat in and protect your patrons from the weather. Simply drop the roller blind down during cold or rainy weather and raise it when the days are warmer. You’ll save on your gas and charcoal expenses as the heat will be trapped inside the enclosed area, making it cosier for your patrons. Also known as canvas curtains or drop-down blinds, there are three operating systems used with roller blinds: the motorised system which allows you to raise or drop blinds with a remote control, the manual gear system which is operated manually with a crank handle, and the rope and pulley system. Made of canvas or PVC, roller blinds are durable and manufactured from top-quality fabric to the measurements of the area you need to be enclosed. Depending on your budget, you can choose to add in clear customised windows or add in Velcro panels between blinds to completely seal the area.


PRICE: R450/m2 for local canvas and PVC or R700/m2 for imported acrylic awning canvas.

Prices correct at the time of going to print.