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Avoid the feeding frenzy of loan sharks

Operating an unlicensed money lending business is a crime

If you find yourself in a tight spot financially, who should you turn to? We look how loan sharks operate and why you should avoid them.

  • by Hazel Booth
  • Sep 3, 2015
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A bright future ahead for the township property market

Kasi property is booming and the time to buy is now

Townships now boast significant developments and the building of malls and shopping centres also boosts the market.

  • by Spotong
  • Oct 17, 2017
  • 2735

Self employed and bond

A bond for self-employed

Most banks view self-employed home loan seekers as high risk and as a result would only offer them a 90 % and not the full 100 % bond, says Olen Sterling, mortgage expert at Property Loans.

  • by Spotong
  • Aug 27, 2012
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So you're a big success, what's next?

Growing your business through funding

If you are looking to expand your business, it’s time to consider your options and identify market partners that can help take you to the next level

  • by Spotong
  • May 11, 2017
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Home Renovations

Renovating property

Renovating can add or take away value from your property

Most people who choose to renovate are happy where they live but either need more space or want to improve their property and its value.

  • by Spotong
  • Dec 10, 2012
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