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Brand new beverages

The latest liquor products to hit the market

It gives you a fabulous energy boost to stay on-trend, whether you are out with your girls, on a date with your significant other or just having fun in the sun.

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  • Jul 23, 2018
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SAB Trade Brewer Anton Erasmus says beer derives its goodness from natural ingredients and that include water, barely, hops, maize and yeast..JPG

SAB World of Brewing

SAB at the Forefront of the World of Brewing

The South African Breweries (SAB) Trade Brewer Anton Erasmus says the slightest variance in brewing ingredients or method can affect a beer’s taste, aroma or appearance.

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  • Aug 27, 2012
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BEER RECIPE_Caramelised Butternut & Goats’ Cheese Rotolo, Crisp Sage & Pine Nuts paired with Peroni.jpg

When beer meets cuisine

Cooking with beer is becoming ever more popular

Cooking and pairing food with beer is a trend which is gaining traction as interest in the beverage continues to grow

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  • Apr 10, 2015
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