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Be a market leader

Tips for running a successful store

Spaza and tuck shop traders are facing more competition than they ever have before. At the same time, they occupy a special place in the market.

  • by Spotong
  • Jan 7, 2017
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The manager of 2014

Do South African Managers manage or push paper?

Managerial roles and duties have changed over time, and there seems to be more attention placed on reporting-related duties, rather than true staff management tasks.

  • by Spotong
  • Jul 21, 2014
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Prevent and handle shoplifting in your store

by Spotong

The best way to deal with shoplifting is to stop it from taking place.

  • by Spotong
  • Sep 30, 2019
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Best practice for your kitchen

Make sure your food prep is safe and compliant

If food is so important to your business success, it is important that you do right by your food.

  • by Spotong
  • Sep 2, 2019
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Six Key Questions

Want to grow your business? Answer these questions first so you can succeed.

Business growth is not possible without people, processes and capital; all three must be pre-planned, nurtured and applied according your business’s growth rate.

  • by Spotong
  • Aug 30, 2018
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