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Starting a BrownSense bank using the Stokfella App

Stokvel news

The focus of this bank will be to fund small to medium-sized, black-owned enterprises – a unique angle and much-needed driver for economic growth and empowerment in our country.

  • by Spotong
  • Apr 17, 2018
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Modernising Stokvels is Lucrative

The Ingcebo Women’s Investment Group is using technology to simplify their stokvel.

As black professionals and businesswomen, we realised the value of stokvels to change our economic futures.

  • by Spotong
  • Oct 11, 2018
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So you want to start a property stokvel?

Here are some great reasons why you should

“It’s not the investment club that makes people successful. It’s the people that make the investment club successful.”

  • by Spotong
  • Jun 12, 2018
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Making the Best of Banking and Lending Money Safely Within Your Stokvel

Beating the banking blues – where to start? What to choose?

If your stokvel group is in the habit of lending money to members, make sure you have these elements in place to help protect against loss through non-payment.

  • by Spotong
  • Jan 30, 2018
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Tech talk

Gadgets to help you up your game

Everybody wants WiFi these days, so why not make your patrons happy by providing it for them?

  • by Spotong
  • Sep 14, 2016
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